Meaning@Life workshops are intensive get-aways that create a much-needed space to introspect on some of life's most important questions - ones that we often avoid asking ourselves as we get caught up in our day to day busy life.

These are intimate 1 or 2 day getaways with up to 12 participants, that can be set up for an organization or group upon request.

Meaning: Happiness: Success
How is meaning different from success and happiness? Where do these spaces intersect? Where do they separate? How do we get an integrated understanding of these intersections and differences and how they might apply to our own life?
My Archetype
Who am I? What drives my values and my belief system? What shapes my worldview? How do I explore my sub-conscious and unconscious that may drive my values and belief systems?
The artist in me
Am I really an artist? What is my art? How do I discover the artist inside me? How would I bring my art to the world? What would my art do to the world? What would I create?
What Matters Most
What is most important to me in my life? How do I realize it? How do I re-prioritize my life around what matters most? How do I focus my energies to address what is important in addition to reacting to what is merely urgent?
Stretching Time
How do I transcend the trap of time? How do I rebalance life around the constraints of time? How do I create more? How do I squeeze more out of my life?
Roles & Goals
What roles define my life? How do I set my life's goals? How do I prioritize them? How do I ensure that I deliver to all my roles? How can I bring inner harmony by re-ordering my life around my key roles and goals?

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