Pallavi Garg

Pallavi passionately believes in the transformative power of storytelling, especially through art forms.

She works closely with nonprofits to help them write new chapters in their own stories by helping them adopt and adapt to advances in technology. She has explored her own stories through experimentation with various forms of art for most of her life, dabbling in theater, diving deep with ceramics and glass art, playing with textures through visual art and with metaphors in the poems that reveal themselves to her.

She is convinced that there is a One-Part-Artist in residence within each of us. She would like to spend the rest of her life helping others explore their story since uncovering this wonderful space empowers us to live from a space of meaning and purpose. She shares her thoughts periodically at


Tirthankar Dash

Dash is a 'storycrafter'. Someone who hunts for meaning within the intersections of diverse human behaviour and data patterns He has spent over a decade in interpreting these patterns and finding meaningful insights from them, whether it is at the level of an individual, an organisation or a community

He firmly believes that all human beings owe it to themselves to answer this fundamental question - "What makes my life meaningful?"

Dash authors StoryCompany's journal-blog -, where, through simple questions and provocations, he encourages others to introspect to find meaning and purpose for themselves.


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